Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians

Primary Care Physicians That Come to You

Wilshire Connected Care’s primary care physician practice was developed out of the need to connect at-risk, older adult patients within their residential facilities with primary care physicians and their clinical teams. Our physicians make primary care visits within the assisted living or care facility to make sure that patients receive quality care where they live and recover, around the clock.

Better Access to Your Healthcare Provider

We know that you have a choice when it comes to choosing a care provider. By utilizing our primary care practice for physician’s visits, you are accessing quality care for optimal patient experiences. Wilshire Connected Care’s unique model allows you to:

  • Eliminate waiting rooms and arranging transportation.
  • Utilize our telehealth technology for additional support and access to our primary care practice.
  • Lower costs; we bill insurance so there’s no concierge fee.
  • Access a diverse healthcare team with experience delivering care to residential communities.
  • Access to physicians with experience in Alzheimer’s, dementia & memory care.
  • Trust our team’s experience with palliative and hospice care.
  • Provide medication management to patients.